Antrix releases melodic new electro house single – “Relocation”

On September 18, 2014 Antrix released a new single titled “Relocation” on Plasma.Digital. Grab a copy on Beatport here!

“Sometimes in life we have to relocate ourselves from our comfort zone. Whether it be to a new city, country, continent or even a new mind-state of consciousness, the process of relocation brings with it a plethora of emotions. I am all too familiar with this since I have been relocating all my life. My new single “Relocation” tries to capture this bittersweet feeling of leaving what you know behind while embracing the future with confidence.” – Antrix

Antrix releases dark, heavy new track – “Neurosis”

On May 15, 2014 Antrix released a dark, heavy electro house single titled “Neurosis” on Plasmapool sublabel Houserecordings. The track has a triplet groove to it coupled with a distorted neuro bassline and a snare-laden break making it sonically unique but universally rage-inducing. Grab a copy from Beatport here!

Antrix Releases ‘Fastbreak EP’

On Friday, April 25 Antrix released a new EP for free. “Fastbreak” is a fresh 3-track electronic album. The EP starts off with the aptly named title track ‘Fastbreak’, an energetic, glitchy electro-house track rife with a hot acid bass line and phat backing synths. Crucial prime-time material. Next up is “Sublime” a bouncy, melodic, progressive house track with a very catchy chord progression meant for the summer-time sets. Number 3 is called “The other side”. Driven by a rolling bassline, this progressive house joint features a trance-inducing chord progression and ambient pads. Ideal for after-hours sets. Fastbreak EP is available for free download! Grab your copy NOW!